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2014 Mem by sun-stars-sea
2014 Mem

January: was force-trying some challenge/meme where you draw monster tits, got bored
Februrary: unfinished Chaos Knight art from DOTA2… (I don't use tumblr that much)
March: still was thinking about one comic started in December, major plot/logic holes rendered it to be a shit in my eyes (can't find any upload)
April: gift card for one of my friends with whom we waste time on DOTA2 HBD with Sven and Rylai
May: actually I was working this year, just remembered  (no link)
June: reactivated my facebook page/made another deviant account (abandoned), new avatar for fb page:…
July: was a productive month:…… candy pop punk 
April:… (there's a 'wip' gif)
September: was lazy…
October: I don't have any digital works from this period because was preparing for exams for fine art school and good, passed with highest score and am currently studying sculpture
November: got back on tracks with digital works, having 16+ hours of clay sculpting & 8 hours of study drawings per week, I still manage to play DOTA2 for at least 40h per week...… also did 24h comic day in amazing 17 hours (also uploaded to the fb, Polish only, sorry) AND was maintaining furry/porn account on different services but got bored since didn't get any serious comissions/was partying with classmates way too often
December: few works here, still not doing anything more then just playing dota or watching porn and even got bac kto watching anime (99% of anime suck, how long cang you stand watching teenagers in high school? I got fed up a little...) yeah, so my current avatar, some facebook quickies, FOOD FRIENDS & quick drawing for depiction of my dream (mam bloga z moimi dziwnymi snami tutaj: )

And that's it, year 2014 without traditional art scans/photos because I'm too lazy.
I really wish that in 2015 I'd learn how to work hard or even better, become workaholic same way I'm addicted to computer games.



sun-stars-sea's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Born during the downfall of communism in Central-Europe.
Remembering 5 inch floppies, cassetes, VHS and 16 bit consoles.
Lost in time otaku and praised manga artist (by friends).
Currently studying fine arts: sculpture (highest score at recrutation).

Goal in life: to be fameous and rich either by lottery or by own works.
Perfect woman: tsundere pettanko or deredere oppai, preferable goth loli/cosplayer.
Weak points: good at everything, knows too much, thinks too much, ahoka/baka.
Strong points: can look in eyes and simultaneously stare at breasts, can live up to 3 hours without food, washes sometimes, can eat very hot food with smile.

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